Data Visualization Best Practices

Below is a presentation deck from Tableau which was presented during one of their recent “roadshow” events. Regardless of the tools you have at hand to visualize your data, the best practices presented here are worth your time. Of especial interest within the deck is the information and research on how humans can best leverage data visually as well as how certain relationships in data are best visualized for efficient consumption.

Visualization of Tennessee Elementary School Performance

Below shows what can be accomplished by applying a simple visualization to any data set (using Tableau public in this case). Through this visualization I’ve been able to see that the elementary school of which my own children attend is one of the top in our school district. On the other side, I can also see that the elementary school of which I attended as a child is currently the worst performing elementary school within that different district within the state of Tennessee.

The visualization below is not yet complete, but will provide additional context as to the different profiles of the schools presented in the above analysis by providing:

  • size of student population
  • number of minorities
  • number of students that are economically disadvantaged
  • male/female makeup of the student population

State of Tennessee K-5 School Profiles: