Omniture SiteCatalyst Data Processing Order

Since there are so many ways now for an Omniture customer to manipulate their data (standard data collection, APIs, processing rules, VISTA rules, marketing channel processing rules, etc…), I thought it’d be helpful to share this graphic (credit to Omniture) of the order with which data is processed:

1 thought on “Omniture SiteCatalyst Data Processing Order

  1. Do you hapen to know how this flow applies to Data Warehouse & data feed? I gather that Discover and Site Catalyst data sets are created in parallel to the data sets for Data Warehouse and the data feed. I think the data feed is created before a Data Warehouse set, but am unclear on that. The flow above would need to be applies to each of the four data sets separately. So a Vista rule applied  to the Data Wareouse will not flow to Discover, for example.

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