Omniture SiteCatalyst Menu Customization and Custom Reports

Updated on November 3, 2011: Apparently custom reports cannot be copied to other report suites, not can they be shared with other report suites. So in¬†essence, if you plan to customize the UI across multiple report suites with custom reports, you will have to duplicate your efforts for each report suite. I highly recommend that you go to the Omniture Idea Exchange and “promote” the request to make custom reports able to be copied to other report suites:

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Without a doubt, two of the most underused features of Omniture SiteCatalyst have to be menu customization (the ability to customize the standard menus in the left-hand navigation) and custom reports. When these two great features are combined, they can make the adoption of Web analytics (and of course Omniture SiteCatalyst) all that much easier for an organization. The great thing about these features are that they can be used to make you analytics reporting intuitive to your stakeholders. In fact, if you are not using this feature, I can’t see how your company is getting the most out of the SiteCatalyst user interface. Just as an example on my blog, here’s a screen capture of the SiteCatalyst Menu for my report suite:

Omniture SiteCatalyst Menu

As you can see here, I’ve changed the default menu to a great degree. But if a user were to log into Omniture SiteCatalyst where no menu customization has been applied, how would they know just where to look for information about the performance of internal search? From my menu above, it’s pretty obvious where to go for reporting on Internal search performance.

In addition to the custom menus, custom reports can also be inserted into these custom menu items. Most companies that have a significant marketing spend, will most certainly be using SAINT classifications to apply meta data to their marketing tracking codes. And, many marketing reports are the result of breaking down one marketing classification by another, or even breaking down something like paid search engines by most popular product categories. In stead of having to train your marketing team on how to do classification breakdowns, you should be creating custom menu folders for marketing channels where you also have custom reports where classification breakdowns have already been created.

In short, you are doing your stakeholders and your business a disservice if you are not fully leveraging custom menus and reports. If you are not doing this, I would challenge you to meet with the stakeholders of your company as soon as possible to identify custom reports that they could benefit from, and then making those available in custom menus.

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  1. Great post, Jason. Occasionally, I hear a complaint that SiteCatalyst isn’t “user-friendly” out of the box. The problem is that “user-friendly” means different things to different organizations; what might be an intuitive UI for one company may make no sense at all to another. Menu customization overcomes any such complaints. It is a great way to ensure that ANY organization’s users can find information quickly and easily.

  2. Be careful of one major “gotcha” here! If you try to make a report that has classifications a Custom report and hide the real variable (with the classifications), you will no longer be able to do breakdowns.

  3. Ben – That’s exactly my point, and I think that more people should be doing exactly that. I also think that it’s the responsibility of Web analysts to ensure that the reporting is intuitive to stakeholders in whatever form information is delivered.

    Adam – Thanks for the information there! I’ve never hidden the variables themselves when creating custom reports from classifications. I always assume that someone is sophisticated enough to need/use those to build their own reports. Glad I won’t make that mistake in the future now though should it ever come up!

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  5. Thanks for tweeting out this post today- when we started using Site Catalyst, I didn’t realize that this customization was even possible (if it was covered in our initial training I don’t remember it as I was more focused on getting SC implemented and ensuring our marketing team could find reports).¬† By the time I learned I could do this, I was fairly swamped

    with enough other work- so it fell to the bottom of my “to do” list.

    I think this is something we will try to tackle in tandem w/our migration to v15, but am guessing I’m in the same position as other analysts- I don’t think it’s well known that this can be done (nor have I seen any other tips on how to do this- though I could have missed this in the SC Knowledge Base).

    Thanks again,

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