Impact of WPP Investment in Omniture

So yesterday there were press releases from both Omniture and WPP announcing their partnership, and the $25,000,000 common stock investment by WPP in Omniture. You can see these respective press releases here (they’re the same really):

I think that this was very big news, and that it will impact both Web analytics practitioners and other vendors alike. As I see it, here are a few (a very short, brief list) of the ways this partnership might affect us practitioners of Web analytics:

  • With Omniture training an additional 500 WPP employees in Omniture technology, the available pool of people with Omniture on their resumes will significantly increase.
  • There might be an internal impact at Omniture on their Best Practices group. Will Omniture keep consulting in house in light of this $25 million investment by WPP? How many Omniture consultants might be asked to leave Orem to work within a WPP company (as was basically stated in the press release)?
  • This could be good for practioners that are savvy enough to realize the impact now, and broaden their skill sets outside of Web analytics alone.

There’s also the potential impact on other vendors:

  • With the large client base at WPP the impact on competitors such as Coremetrics and WebTrends is obvious.
  • The same large client base could also help Omniture in increasing use of other tools such as Test&Target (look out Optimost and SiteSpect), Merchandising (look out Endeca), Discover OnPremise (look out BI vendors), etc.
  • What’s the impact on the many other consultancies out there that help companies with Omniture implementations and optimization?

Please let me know if you have any further thoughts on what the impact of this investment might mean for WPP, Omniture, us practioners of Web analytics or Omniture’s and WPP’s competition.

In closing, here are a few early thoughts on the WPP/Omniture news from some people on Twitter:

WPP Omniture Partnership on Twitter

1 thought on “Impact of WPP Investment in Omniture

  1. This is very exciting stuff! The web analytics industry has focussed a lot on PPC. But not every business is heavy into PPC. Some are much more invested in display advertising.

    But as someone who competes with Omniture every day as part of my day job, I bet you that all WPP competitors will now have reason to join in with Unica, Coremetrics, Webtrends instead of Omniture.

    I could be wrong. Coopetition exists everywhere in the industry where you look. So maybe the other advertising agencies won’t mind sending their clients to a web analytics provider that is partially owned by their competitor. We’ll see.

    Congrats to the colleagues in Utah for the deal! Interesting, by the way, that Coremetrics announced capabilities that are in competition with this WPP-Omniture planned venture, and they did so just a week or two later.

    While I am at that, I might also mention that Unica offers similar capabilities through an integration with ATLAS.


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