Omniture API Development Contest

With all of the APIs that are out there for Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., I can’t say that I surprised to see that Omniture has now started a contest to see what creative developers can do with the Omniture APIs. I received an e-mail the other day that stated that the first prize would receive $10,000! That’s right, $10K. The interesting thing here is that the deadline for entry into the contest is some time in early February, before the 2009 Summit, where the winners will be announced. Not a lot of time to develop something new if you haven’t already started.

I think that there’s a real opportunity here for some developers given the short time frame and what I would think would be a limited amount of competition. Developing something like this and winning a prize for it would also be a great career booster and way to get noticed for the use of product APIs in a Web 2.0 crazy world where every other developer on the planet has created some kind of Twitter application! Man, I’ve got to get back into some programming so that I can start using these APIs myself!

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