New Google Analytics Features – First Impressions

So I have access to the new updates to Google Analytics now. My first impressions of the updates are very positive. The two big additions (aside from the API) are the custom reports and segmentation.

The custom reporting actually went a little beyond my expectations. The big thing here that Google has done is that you can create reports that are very deep (4 levels or so) and that you can correlate across different report dimensions easily. Now Google just needs to implement more variables and events to take this to the next level.

The segmentation works well too, but it’s a little clunky in it’s setup. Here, I like the buckets that you start with in Omniture’s Discover. The creation of a segment seems a little more intuitive when starting from the idea of a visitor, visit or page view.

I do think that with the additions of the custom reporting and segmentation that Google has become more of a serious option for larger businesses. 

2 thoughts on “New Google Analytics Features – First Impressions

  1. Hi Jason,

    I managed to get access to GA advanced segmentation relatively quickly and I was working at Nedstat when they released their advanced segmentation. Both systems are remarkably similar except that GA is based solely on visits while Nedstat only allows you to segment at visitor level – both systems being restrictive as a result.

    What I would like to do with either is first specify the level at which I am setting the segmentation – visitor, visit or page view (event) and then create the segment. It appears from what you have written that this is how it works with Omniture Discover – is that correct?


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